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Hello friends! I'm going to order a bunch of these for anyone who wants one, partly because I love this design and wanted to share it with you! (and partly because I'm raising funds for a new collection)


The design is a photograph of a necklace I made that is also a musical score for the song Begin Again by Knife Party. I edited it to make it look like traditional sheet music, even though it's really not. Each link is 8 bars; the circles represent the percussion and the lines are the harmonies and melodies so you can follow along with the necklace while you listen to the song! 


It's a really comfy t-shirt, the cotton is nice and sturdy and it's washed/worn really well with only very minimal fading in four years! I'm a slim 1m74 & wearing a size M in the photo, for size reference.


Pre-Order ends April 1st!!


Love you lots and lots <3


EDIT: Pre-Order is finished, but I ended up with a few spares so they're here until they sell out!

Begin Again T-Shirt

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