I have SO MANY of these! They're special to me though: the first postcards I ever had made of my work, for my bachelors graduation in 2013.  My degree show collection was variations on an isometric grid, but I remember making the whole collection while listening to Black Sun Empire's From The Shadows album basically on repeat, and it always reminds me of when I started thinking of combining the music I was listening to with the work I was making.


The image is of a brooch and bracelet set, where the brooch sits in the bracelet and they become a cool object/scupture. I was able to make them out of gold by winning a bursary from the Goldsmiths Centre in London. Oh man, the memories: the gold arrived already drawn down into wire that was the right size, and in my enthusiasm I measured and cut it up into all the pieces before realising that my measurements were all off by 1mm which meant I had to melt it all down and draw it out again myself :'D Thats experience, folks!

Solid Gold Postcard