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"...all my edc family: This One's For You!"

That's what Gareth McGrillen of Knife Party shouted just before they played a demo of their song Begin Again at EDC Las Vegas in 2014, ...and also the inspiration for this entire project. I was watching the EDC live-stream from my apartment in small-town Europe at the time, and I will never forget how I felt listening to what would become one of my biggest sources of inspiration for the first time.

Ever since my first jewellery design class, I was aware of a type of parallel between the techniques I was learning in class, and the way my favourite producers would talk about their work in studio interviews. The balance between the technique and technology behind the making process, but at the same time the ability to be artistic and creative with self-expression, is something that continues to fascinate me.

After graduating in 2018, I spent a couple of years going to jewellery fairs and events, taking part in exhibitions, and setting up my tiny studio/atelier in the south of Antwerp. Working with my hands is what keeps me grounded, and It’s so exciting to finally have a web-store through which to offer the results of my inspiration and love of dance music.

With the future being so uncertain, I hope that you can at least find a spark of inspiration or joy or whatever might brighten your day, if not something that you might want to keep. It would mean the world to me, to share the things I’ve made with you!