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Frequently Asked Questions:

How It's Made

Who? All my work is handmade by me in my little studio in Antwerp-Berchem!

What? All my stainless steel jewellery is laser-welded by me with my laser-welding machine (see video below for a demonstration!) My 'Repeat One' collection is made of 100% solid sterling silver, hand finished by me.

The colouring method I use on some of my pieces is called KLIAR Nano-ceramic e-coating, developed by a company called LEGOR who are based in Italy.

When? Made to Order pieces are, as the title suggests, made from scratch for each order that comes in. I start working as soon as I see the order arrive, but sometimes I need to order extra material or a replacement tool. With this in mind though, I can promise to have your order shipped within maximum two weeks/ten working days but usually within a week!



Do you have an idea for a piece of jewellery that you can't find anywhere else? Something that you'd like me to try in my own style? (a 'remix' perhaps?) Please don't be shy and send me an email (or slide into my instagram DMs!) with your wonderful ideas and lets see what we can do together!

It Broke!

I put the utmost care and effort into creating pieces that are built to last. Unfortunately accidents do happen and I am happy to repair my own pieces free of charge. I also gladly offer repair services for other items of jewellery, priced on an individual basis. A circular economy and low-waste lifestyle is something I am deeply committed to!

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