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Waveform MFR.jpg
Waveform Fountain.jpg
T4 Patterns.jpg
Semi-chromatic 7:9 Polyrhythm T4.jpg
Sequential Chromatic Modulation P4.jpg

Waveforms & Chromatic Modulations
Series 2018-2020

Waveforms – the shape of a sound in relation to time. What is more elusive than the passage of time? These conceptual pieces are an expansion of the writing system for music that I developed during my Masters degree, and are made of laser-welded stainless steel wires. The entire necklace becomes a representation of the song itself, recreating the structure of the track in terms of volume and frequency equalisation. The shape of the wire changes and grows as the song progresses, and a nano-ceramic e-coating is used to add colour to highlight the most harmonious sections. The shape of the waveform appears when the necklace is folded in half, and becomes abstract when the piece is worn; in the same way that headphones conceal the song of the listener to the viewer, so the mystery of the music being worn is maintained as a secret to the wearer.

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