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Hi! My name is Emma and I’m a canadian-born, belgian-raised jewellery designer (she/her) currently based in Antwerp.


I started studying jewellery design in 2009 at the Glasgow School of Art, then went on to study in Pforzheim, Germany and finally received my masters degree from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts here in Antwerp. 


My artwork has been part of exhibitions around the world, including New York, Munich, Halifax, London and a few more. My LOUSWIRES work is done in small batches or made to order, created by hand like all my work by myself in my little studio in Antwerp. 


All of my work is constantly growing and developing, and the best way to keep up to date on that is by following me on Instagram:


If you have any questions or comments I would be delighted to hear from you! I’m happy to answer any emails in English, Nederlands, Deutsch & Français!

Photo by Bob De Pooter, April 2022


2013: Glasgow School of Art - BA Silversmithing & Jewellery Design

2016: Goldschmiede- mit Uhrmacherschule Pforzheim, Germany        -  State-approved designer of jewellery and everyday objects

2018: Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp - MA Visual Arts, specification Jewellery Design.

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