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Repeat One

I’ve been listening to Drum & Bass for over a decade. It’s an upbeat, complex and highly technical genre that features a signature rhythmic syncopation between the kick drum and the snare. Inspired by music production software (like the one pictured), I have translated this syncopated rhythm into a pattern of lines around the edge of each piece, creating an object that symbolises a core component of a unique genre of electronic dance music.

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2020-10-08 14.02_edited.jpg

click the link above to see what necklaces I have in stock!

2021-11-17 10.28.12e.jpg

Click the link above to see what earrings I have in stock!

2020-10-16 17.37.46.jpg

click the link above to see what bracelets I have in stock!

2022-10-03 10.21_edited.jpg

I love wearing brooches and pins, especially on suit lapels.

2022-10-27 14.53.52.jpg

I always have one of these rings on.

2021-11-16 11.54_edited.jpg

From t-shirts to postcards, these items aren't technically jewellery.

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